01 02 The Nine Muses .The Nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne came to be associated with the sum total of human endeavour - the arts and the sciences.

Calliope = the chief of the Muses.
Clio = heroic exploits and history.
Euterpe = Dionysiac Music.
Thalia = gaiety and pastoral life, and comedy.
Melpomene = song, harmony and tragedy.
Terpsichore = choral dance and song.
Erato = the lyre and erotic poetry.
Polymnia = the inspired and stately hymn.
Urania = celestial phenomena and astronomy.

02 Heywood;'s Nine Bookes of Various History 1624 with the Nine Muses deployed on the titlepage.


The Nine Orders of Angels (Seraphim, Cherubim, and Thrones in the first circle; Dominions, Virtues, and Powers in the second circle; and Principalities, Archangels and Angels in the third circle (see Botticelli's Assumption of the Virgin in the National Gallery.

The Nine Rivers of Hell,(Paradise Lost). In the early Ptolemaic system of astronomy there were nine enfolded spheres.

A favourite number in folk tales, the nine ears of corn etc.

The Nine Points of the Law ,a lot of money, a lot of patience, a good cause, a good lawyer, a good counsel, good witnesses, a good jury, a good judge, and good luck.


GENERALLY , "nine tailors make a man".

03 a leaf from an album of Victorian caricatures and cartoons,
this one perhaps PUNCH c.1865