The Quintessence . The mystic fifth element of which the heavens are composed. The Wounds of Christ. The Pentad being the addition of the first odd and the first even numbers.

The Five Wits , Common Sense, Imagination, Fantasy, Imagination, and Memory.
01 The Five Senses , touch, smell. taste, sight, hearing. Taste from Cornelius van Kittensteyn's series of engravings on the Five Senses, this measuring 20 x 25cms.

02 The Five Male Children, " May you have five male children, healthy, rich and attaining to the highest honours..."
from Henry Dore (M.Kennelly trans) , Researches into Chinese
Superstitions, T'Usewei Printing Press, Shanghai 1914
First Part - Volume One illustration page size 14 x 24cms.
03 The Five Greek Fathers
St.John Chrystostom St.Basil the Great
St.Athanasius St.Gregory Nazianen
St. Cyril of Alexandria
not seen with attributed like the Four Latin fathers
from Mrs.Jameson
Sacred and Legendary Art
Vol One 1857
The Five Regular Solids, (the Platonic Solids) the cube, the tetrahedron, octahedron, icosehedron, and dodecahedron. All represent the heavens as a totality.