Perfection because it is 2 x 2.

  F.Cayley Robinson, The Four Winds 1903

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (and a Fifth)

The Four Elements ; Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

The Four Elements ; Fire, Earth, Water and Air, English Popular Print of courtship.

The Four Elements ; Robert Medley, The Arts Magazine c1948

The Four Seasons, English Folk print (single)

01 titlepage of Henry Garthwait, The Evangelicall Harmonie , reducing the Four Evangelists into one continued context , Cambridge 1634.

02 The Four Seasons from T'Ung Shu, an ancient Chinese Almanac, with a representation of the Yellow Emperor, Huang-ti (c2650 BC) for each of the Seasons.

03 a diagrammatic representation of the Four Elements from Isidorus, De Responsione Mvndi & Astorum Ordinatione , published in Augsberg in 1472

04 The Four Evangelists, wood cut on the titlepage of Manvle Parrochialum Sacerdotvm, printed in Landshut by Weissenberger in 1514
Matthew (emblem the angel)
Mark (emblem the lion)
Luke (emblem the winged ox)
John(emblem the eagle).

05 The Four Latin Fathers St.Jerome, (red hat crimson robes, bearing a church in his hand) St.Ambrose, (bishops' robes, mitre, crosier holding a knotted scourge)
St.Augustine (bishops' robes, book and a flaming heart) and St.Gregory (with papal attributes) from Mrs.Jameson Sacred and Legendary Art Vol One 1857

06 The Four Humours The Shepherd's Calendar, published by Nicholas Le Rouge, Troyes, c1495.
1. Choleric
2. The Sanguine
3. The Phlegmatic
4. The Melancholic.

07 The Four Seasons Winter, one of four engravings of the Seasons 1570, 22 x 28cms


The Four Kings of the French Pack, Charlemagne, David, Alexander and Caesar.

Tetragrammaton, a mystic word of four letters, JHVH Dieu, Jove, Godt, Godh etc.

The Four Gospels

The Four Points of the Compass

The Four Cardinal Virtues.