01 dedication image from William Bellenden, Ciceronis Consul ... published by Corban in Paris 1612. The three children of James I (Henry, Elizabeth and Charles) set within a triangle are seen as three linked hearts.

02 titlepage to Lyndewode , 1506, printed in Paris and published from St.Paul's Churchyard London with the device of Jacobi and Pelgrim at the sign of the Trinity (see BIBLIOGRAPHICA Part I c1894).

"for the Architect of the Universe has disposed all things in threes..." Cicero, Discours Philosophiques . That the whole of Knowledge can be divided into three as Philosophy, Rhetoric and Mathematics. Rhetoric also has three parts, Demonstrative, Deliberative and Judicial. Mathematics is divided into mathematics, geometry, music.

03 The Taoist Triad, The Three Pure Ones. Each lives in one of the original three zones made after the Creation.

04 The Three Graces.  

05 The Three Classical Orders in Architecture , Ionic, Doric, Corinthian.


From the three come the Nine, the Nine Muses, the Nine Divisions of Knowledge.

The number of Perfect Harmony.

The union of unity and diversity.

The Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar - the Three Wise Men who brought gifts to the baby Christ.

The Three Basic Types of Cloud, Cumulus(Heap or Pile), Stratus (a layer) , Cirrus( a tuft or filament). By Luke Howard (1772-1864)

The Three Estates; society in France (and elsewhere) was said to be divided into three orders, The Clergy, The Nobility, and The Third Estate (the rest).

It takes three days for the soul to leave the dead body.