TOP ROW a titlepage and illustrations - engravings from the classic and pioneering study, Robert Hooke's Micrographia ; or some Physiological Descriptions of Minute Bodies..., London 1665. It is thought probable that several of the plates were actually drawn and engraved by Sir Christopher Wren.


Other illustrations Hon. Mrs.Ward Microscope Teachings, 1864, and a popularisation of the instrument for children.



Robert Hooke, the Flea, opened out of Micrographia

Robert Hooke, another plate from Micrographia

Leeuwenhoeck, Portrait

Leeuwenhoeck, plate from the Complete Works 1695 -1719, sections through burdock and beech

Leeuwenhoeck, plate from the Complete Works 1695 -1719

Henry Baker, The Microscope Made Easy 1743

Mrs Ward Microscope Teachings 1864 further selections

Nehemiah Grew The Comparative Anatomy of Trunks, print 1673

William Heath , a drop of Thames Water, MONSTER SOUP