The Twenty Key Gestures from

Desmond Morris, Petere Collett, Peter Marsh and Marie O'Shaughnessy

Gestures Their Origin and Distribution,

Cape London 1979




The Fingertips Kiss

The Fingers Cross

The Nose Thumb

The Hand Purse

The Cheek Screw

The Eyelid Pull

The Forearm Jerk

The Flathand Flisk

The Ring

The Vertical Horn-Sign

The Horizontal Horn Sign

The Fig

The Head Toss

The Chin Flick

The Cheek Stroke

The Thumb Up

The Teeth Flick

The Ear Touch

The Nose-Tap

The Palm-Back V-Sign





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Beckoning and Waving

Gesture Boundaries

Gestural Distances

Gesture Concepts

Gesture Confusions


Tabulated Data