Bracken Books Pattern Books.

after originals in the Victoria and Albert Museum


Abstract Art, Patterns and Designs Ad. and M.P. Verneuil (Stephen Calloway) 1988 [1925 as Kaleidoscope]

William Morris Designs and Patterns (Norah Gillow) 1988

Art Nouveau Floral Designs - Eugene Grasset (Laura Suffield) 1988 [ 1897 as La Plante et ses Applications Ornamentales]

Art Deco Designs - Edouard Benedictus (Stephen Calloway) 1988 [ c1926 as Variations]

Art Deco Interior an Panel Designs (Stephen Calloway) 1988 [1928 as WAND UND DECKEN DEKORATION Karl Leuth, Leipzig. ]

Abstract and Floral Designs - E.A.Seguy (Stephen Calloway) 1987 [ c1925, as SUGGESTIONS]