the contents page from

Lee Siegel ,

Laughing Matters,

The University of Chicago Press, 1989


1. The Laughter of Ganesa, The Comic Tradition in Ancient India, The Aesthetics of Comedy and a Psychology of Laughter.

2. The Laughter of the Sons of Bharata. The Forms and Functions of Satire; Idealisation and Degradation.

3. The Laughter of Kali. Satire of Manners: Affectation and the Degradation of Love.

4. The Laughter of the Child : Social Satire, Corruption and the Degradation of Righteousness.

5. The Laughter of Kama. Religious Satire: Hypocrisy and the Degradation of Piety.

6. The Laughter of the Weaver. The Fool: The Wisdom of Folly..

7. The Laughter of the Jackal : The Trickster : The Righteousness of Roguery.

8. The Laughter of Krsna. The Preserver: The Seriousness of Humour.

9. The Laughter of Siva. The Destroyer:The Ambiguity of Truth.