the contents page from

V.K.K.Menon ,

A Theory of Laughter,

Allen & Unwin, London 1931,

1 The Real Problem in Laughter - Laughter a psychophysical activity - A Demobilisation of Forces - Laughter and Smile - Laughter and Animals - Tickling - The Instinctive Nature of Laughter.

2. Types of Laughter due to instincts and sentiments - particular importance of sentiments - difference between man and other animals - the mental conflict in laughter - the sense of humour

3. The Nature of Humour - Goethe and Johnson on Humour - The Intellectual Nature of Humour examined - Humour in Relation to Sympathy, Imagination and Detachment

4. Bergson and Humour - The Working of Humour - Humour in Relation to malignity, knowledge, sense of proportion - some of Bergson's observations criticised.

5. Humour as Illustrated in Literature - confusions in the theories about it.

6. Humour, Falstaff and Shakespeare, Anatole France, Rabelais and Cervantes.

7. Particular Forms of Humour, Vituperations, Satire, Wit, Pun, Irony - Humour and Comedy.

8. Ugliness and Beauty - The Meanings of the Terms - Relation to Art - Art and Science - Value of Criticism.

9. The Psychology of Tears - The Nature of Sorrow - Pleasure and Interest - Our Feelings at the Sight of Suffering - The Matter of Tragedy - The Tragic Hero - Fate and Tragedy - The Feelings of Pity and Awe.

10. The Shakespearian Practice - Romeo and Juliet - Julius Caesar - Hamlet - Othello - Macbeth - King Lear -.