"For the Greater Help of Beginners, and those who are less conversant in the Art of Perspective, I here subjoin a farther Explanation of the first Twelve Figures of this Book."
from Andreo Pozzo




LONDON 1693 (Dover New York reprint 1989)

1. An Explanation of the Lines of the Plan and Horizon, and of the points of Sight and Distance; but more especially of this last.

2. A Square in Perspective.

3. An oblong Square in Perspective.

4. A double square in perspective

5. Several Plans of Squares with their Elevations.

6. The Manner of designing in Perspective without occult Lines.

7. Anopther example of a Geometrical Plan, with the Elevation of its Length

8. A Pedestal in Perspective.

9. The Architecture of Vignola put in Perspective; and first the Pedestal of the Tuscan Order.

10. A Dorick Pedestal, with the Manner of shunning a Difficulty, which occurs in putting the same in Perspective.

11. The Ionick Pedestal, and the way to shun another Difficulty in the Elevations.

12. A Corinthian Pedestal with its Pilasters.