Brochure for the play ARISTOKRATEN USSR c1935

Stock Exchange FORTUNE January 1965

Unconvincing Gesture, hand in pocket, directing finger c1955

THE RUDIMENTS OF GENTEEL BEHAVIOUR 1737, a selection of plates



A WOMAN'S WAYS A Wife's Grateful Gestures in Six Images - on any sort of thrill , up goes the leg -
in this ad (July 1952) a combination of bodies has been found to get both legs going (see Steve Martin film)
for Dormeyer's Mixers December 1948 15 x 24 cms (detail)
Monitor Irons 15 x 17cms April 1947 the bliss in the face has almost become the rictus of
the Mad Woman.
advert, The Brand Names Foundation, Fifth Avenue, New York, "I'm a Manufacturer - I'm a Dealer - I'm a Customer" 21 x 24cms December 1955

Toaster advertisement

Keepsake rings 1952

ETIQUETTE from The Polite Academy, or School of Behaviour for Young Gentlemen and Ladies, intended as a Foundation for Good Manners and polite Address in Masters and Misses, Baldwin & Collins, Salisbury, 1765

THEATRICAL GESTURES A Nineteenth Century Exercise Book in Dramatic Poses.   Click to discover the text to which the actresses are responding.

RECITATION from an English book on Elocution c 1825
POSING The New Yorker 1947, cartoon by R.Taylor
POLITICAL GESTURES The semaphore of political rhethoric. see Max Atkinson, Our Masters' Voices The language and body language of politics , Methuen, London and New York. Michael Foot gesticulating on the stump. One of many illuminating analyses by Atkinson in this excellent and perceptive book.
HYSTRIONICS - roleplaying by Dhirendra Nath Gangopadhyay (click on title page for full details) from Expressions and Caricatures , Avnaanda Vandar Publishing House, Calcutta [1920] - my copy is inscribed to "Capt C. Road Night with the best compliments of the British Film Company Calcutta, 3.9.20". This is some indication as to how the book was used, although the images first appeared in the Bengali Monthly Bharatbarsha . All figures, male and female are depicted by Gangopadhyay. titlepage, 1920.
"The Labour Market - Kuch-Parwa-nehi. We are in no-body's pay."
[top] "Dauntless" [bottom] "In Agony's Grip".
[left] "Despised Love" and "Love's Labour Lost".
The actor aims to reflect certain characteristic poses and expressions of Bengali life. Although mannered, his performances are persuasive although the quality of the wigs is extremely poor. In an introduction Pat Lovett of Theatre Road Calcutta adds waspishly that "Those who have been associated with the students of Bengal, tutorially or otherwise, need not be reminded of their great Histrionic capacity." Histrionics/Hystrionics is a term relating to stage players or stage acting.




02. The Neopolitan Language of Gestures reproduced from Elworthy's The Evil Eye , Murray London 1893