A Figure seen from behind, Franz Kugler, Skizzenbuch, Berlin, 1830 (the back cover of the book)
EDGAR DEGAS, Mary Cassatt at the Louvre 1878-80
Don't turn your back, advert 1963 Community Fund
John Leech, cartoon PUNCH, on the riverbank c1854
N.Stoecklin, poster 1938
Unknown advert c1965
D.A.Hair cuts c1952
protective clothing for miners 1849
TOULOUSE LAUTREC Bruant from Behind 1893
Three etchings of the male nude seen from behind, anon

Golzius, Hercules, engraving 1617

Mitelli, Pedlar seen from behind 1660 after Carracci
J.F.Lewis, Sketches of Spain 1836
Hokusai, The Sazai Hall of the Temple c1834

Christian Kroghe's Wife and Child seen from behind

Graduates, advertisement for Chrysler 1963
Gavarni, Mon Petit bonhomme, faut etre raisonable... 1841
Paul Signac, lithograph for Revue Ind├ępendent
Sherwood Anderson, on the trail of a new chapter 1946
Harry Furniss photo portrait with photograpjic clamp, fromConfessions



The discipline is, of course to observe and convey the basics of the human figure while the constituent elements are re-shaped from your own chosen repertoire of forms. Perhaps it is an essay in thematics - like the figures of Archimbaldo - or an essay in graphic ingenuity.