NOVEMBER, city seen through girders
SEPTEMBER , Peter Helck, Combine Harvester
DECEMBER, Ronald McLeod, City streets in snow
MARCH Railway Gantry and Harbour Beyond
JULY Trade with China
MAY Logging
OCTOBER The Apple Crop


DECEMBER, train in winter
NOVEMBER , Walter Buehr, Saturday Evening Post
AUGUST, flying aeroplane seen from above
JULY, E.H.Baker, Tug Boats and a Liner
FEBRUARY, Goods Yard
JUNE, Fred Ludekens, Bull's Head
SEPTEMBER, Cotton Picking
APRIL, E.H.Baker, Boxers
JANUARY, Aviation seen by Monkeys
OCTOBER, Show Biz with two microphones
MARCH, Quarry scene


JULY, Irvin Metzl, observatory with comet
AUGUST, Joseph Binder, Train on Viaduct
SEPTEMBER, F.V.Carpenter, machine parts, cogs
DECEMBER, E.H.BakVer, Father Christmas
JANUARY Thomas Cleland ,a Muse surveys industry
MARCH, Diego Rivera, Red Square


  NOVEMBER, Hunting Scene
FEBRUARY, F.V.Carpenter, Adding Machines
MARCH, E.H.Baker, Railway Signal
AUGUST, E.H.Baker, City to City Loading
JUNE, Paolo Garretto, Packing Case at the Docks
APRIL, W.Buehr, Gardening
OCTOBER, Norman Reeves, Ship in Harbour
JULY, Japanese Weaving at the Loom
MAY, Roger Duvoisin, View from the Cockpit
JANUARY, E.H.Baker, Emblematic Figure, the World
SEPTEMBER , Antonio Petruccelli. Horse Power


JULY, Antonio Petruccelli, Italian coat of arms
SEPTEMBER, Wood, Yachts' Design
JANUARY, E.H.Baker, Snowplough
OCTOBER, Petruccelli, Tunnelling
MAY, F.V.Carpenter, Civil Aviation (propellor)
MARCH, Victor Beals, Diver under a ship's hull
MAY, Petruccelli, Logging
FEBRUARY, Hall, Stamp Collecting
DECEMBER, Petruccelli, Christmas Presents
NOVEMBER, Wine making, Bottles and Bottles
JUNE, Pierre Brissaud, Fruit and vegetables
AUGUST E.H.Baker, Quarry and Mining Operation


JULY, Antonio Petruccelli, rejected cover (Mussolini)



  APRIL, J.O'H Cosgrave, Chemical Equipment
SEPTEMBER, Petruccelli, Shoe Shining
DECEMBER, Petruccelli, Jewels in the light of a lamp
JUNE, E.H.Baker, Ploughing in the Vineyard
OCTOBER, E.H.Baker, Combine Harvester
NOVEMBER, Petruccelli, New Jersey Ferry docking
MARCH, Roger Duvoisin, Silk
JANUARY, Rail Distribution
FEBRUARY, Petruccelli, The Wind Blows
JULY, Roger Duvoisin , Loom
AUGUST, Henry Stahlhut, Shorthand, The Office Worker
MAY, Circus Scene


APRIL, A.J.Grodin, planning a journey on a map
OCTOBER, Krunglivcus, Photography
MARCH, Cosgrave, Electricity Pylons
AUGUST, A.J.Grodin, House Building
JULY, Petruccelli, Fireworks for the 4th
FEBRUARY, John Cook, Planetarium
DECEMBER, Erik Nitsche, Christmas Cards
NOVEMBER, E.H.Baker, Car Transporter
SEPTEMBER, Petruccelli, Japan issue
OCTOBER, Petruccelli, City Neon


JULY, Joseph Binder, Cruise Liner
APRIL, E.H.Baker, Searchlight at an Airfield
JUNE, Petruccelli, Ticker Tape
DECEMBER, Joseph Binder, City of Stars
JANUARY Petruccelli, Champagne Glasses
NOVEMBER Maurice Freed, Foggy City
MARCH Cassandre, Factory Siren
OCTOBER Paolo Garretto, Pulp to Paper
AUGUST Ralph Frederick, Fruit and vegetables.
SEPTEMBER Petruccelli, Shipping Funnels
FEBRUARY Petruccelli, Fire Fighting


SEPTEMBER, Tom Benrimo, Corn on fence
APRIL,John O'H.Cosgrave, Oskaloosa
MARCH, Crane, Battleship Guns
MAY, Binder, Bulldozer Tracks
OCTOBER, Covarrubias, Mexican Peasant against the Urban
AUGUST, Paolo Garretto, Big Dipper and Lost Bonnet
JUNE, Hans Barschel, Highways
DECEMBER, Petruccelli, Christmas Star (welding)
JULY, Radebaugh, Dredging
NOVEMBER,Joseph Binder, Pouring Molten metal
FEBRUARY, Alan Atkins, Snow Scene


APRIL, Charles Sheeler, Grain Bin
JUNE, Charles Sheeler, Steam Ship Funnel
JANUARY, Henry Kreis, Zodiacal Symbol
FEBRUARY,Benrimo, Air Navigation
MAY, Rail Cars
AUGUST, Hans Barschel, Weather Vane and Lightning
NOVEMBER , Chance, Railway Lines
BAYER , Power Lines, September 1939
DECEMBER , Christmas Lights
MARCH , Barschel cross section



OCTOBER, John Wilson, a ship's propeller
MAY, Crane, House building with plane
SEPTEMBER, Otto Hagel, photo, Tail fin of a plane
APRIL, Garretto, Weather recording
JUNE, Binder, airfield seen from a plane
FEBRUARY, Petruccelli, American Eagle
MARCH, Fred Chance (and Piranesi)American Radiator
JANUARY, A.Saalburg, Zodiac and Production
AUGUST, Herbert Bayer, Gas Pipes
JULY Alan Saalburg Huckster's Cart, selling and politics
DECEMBER Joep Nicholas, Stained Glass design


FEBRUARY , Giusti, Gun Breech
JULY, Shipbuilding
APRIL, Artzybasheff, Japanese guard and Buddhist statue
JUNE, Factory Chimneys (photo)
AUGUST, Aircraft Production
SEPTEMBER, R.Y.Ritchie, Chemical Plant
DECEMBER, Fernand Leger, Machine Parts

MARCH, R.Y.Ritchie, Aircraft over Clouds, AVIATION SPECIAL EDITION

OCTOBER, Arthur Gerlach, Natural still life
NOVEMBER,George Giusti, Tank Tracks


JUNE, Bayer, synthetic rubber
SEPTEMBER, Saalburg, The Services of Supply
APRIL, Dmitri Kessel, woman rivetter
NOVEMBER, Francis Criss, The Railroads learn from War
AUGUST, Giusti, The U.S.Navy
FEBRUARY, Herbert Matter, Flags of the Anti-Nazi Allies
OCTOBER, Peter Pienig?, Steel, Allocations and Scrap
MARCH, Industrial Scene, Fred Korth (photograph)
JULY, John Atherton, War production and Flag/Eagle
MAY, Hans Barschel, Submarine Pevriscope
DECEMBER John Atherton, Rocker at Christmas
JANUARY, Fenno Jacobs, Mission Architecture (photo)


AUGUST, Photo Intelligence, Festung Europa
OCTOBER, Matter, Bearings
NOVEMBER, Peter Vardo, Traffic in the Air
FEBRUARY, Herbert Bayer, Moving the Stuff of Production
JUNE, John Atherton, The War on the Farm
MARCH, Glass Now and Tomorrow
JANUARY, Bernard La Motte, The new AEF
APRIL, Engineering the House
MAY, Allan Saalburg, China's Last Lifeline
NOVEMBER Peter Piening, Traffic in the Air
JULY, Electronics
SEPTEMBER Herbert Matter, EUS State Department



FEBRUARY, Army Air Training
JANUARY, City Planning
DECEMBER Maciver, Fir Trees
MARCH Invasion Tactics
OCTOBER Peter Piening, Colonial Policy
JULY Peter Piening, Bank Notes trompe l'oeil
SEPTEMBER, Peter Piening, Surplus Disposal
AUGUST, Peter Piening, Reconversion in Typewriters
JUNE, Peter Piening,Middle East Oil
MAY Peter Piennig, World Trade
APRIL Special Issue on Japan
NOVEMBER, Ralston Crawford The Merchant Marine#CCCCCC


JUNE, Petruccelli, Industrial Production, war to peace
DECEMBER, Steinweiss, Department Store
NOVEMBER, Kauffer, Foreign Trade
APRIL, Ralston Crawford, Air Transport
AUGUST, Alexander Semenoick the New Railways
OCTOBER ,Ralston Crawford, Radar
SEPTEMBER, Peter Piening, The Victory Cover
JANUARY, Hans Moller, Family and Construction
FEBRUARY,Charles Howard, The Western States
JULY, Warship photograph)
MAY, Europe Prostrate
MARCH, Peter Piening, Spain Today


NOVEMBER, Kauffer, US Labor
JULY, Sutnar, US Foreign Service
APRIL, Beall, Housing
DECEMBER, Lustig, Jewels
MAY, Harari, Aluminium Reborn
JUNE, Lidov, Fundamental Science
NOVEMBER, Lidov, Scale of Sky
MARCH Texidor, World Rubber
SEPTEMBER, Arthur Lidov, New Scale of Sky Speeds
OCTOBER, Jacob Lawrence, Africa's Gold Rush
JANUARY, Conzett and Huber Glacier


AUGUST, Shahn, Italy issue
SEPTEMBER, Lidov, Aero Engine
JUNE, Walter Murch, Fine Chemicals
OCTOBER, Lewandowksi, Boom on the Farm
APRIL, Britain's Railways
DECEMBER, Madison Avenue
NOVEMBER, Hans Moller, Meeting the Market
FEBRUARY, Dong Kingman, Two US Cities
JANUARY, New Instruments of Space (pvh)
MARCH, Matthew Leibowitz, Coal is what we make it
MAY, Barrett Gallagher, Industrial scene



JANUARY Walter Murch, timepieces
AUGUST Hans Barschel, Automobile Design

DECEMBER, E.Lewandowksi, Stirrings in Steelmaking

OCTOBER, E.Lewandowski, Farm mechanisation
MARCH, E.Lewandowski, Diesels for the Upgrade
JUNE Arthur Lidov, Shipping Figure Head
SEPTEMBER, Herbert Matter, Television
NOVEMBER, No.1 Railroad of the World (ph)
MAY, George Giusti, The Tools of Synthetics
JULY Herbert Matter, Film Industry
FEBRUARY , Hans Moller. Miami Beachv
APRIL , Arthur Lidov, Money and Inflation



JANUARY, Arthur Lidov, Timber to Paper
MAY, Arthur Lidov, California Cotton
FEBRUARY, George Giusti, ECA How good a Buy?
MARCH Arthur Lidov American Men of Shipping
APRIL Thomas Francioli, Land of the New Haven Road
JUNE Stephen Greene, Industrial Los Angeles
NOVEMBER Dong Kingman, Road Construction,
DECEMBER De Diego, City Scape
OCTOBER, Walter Murch Printing Issue
SEPTEMBER, Prestopino, Detroit, No Downturn?
JULY, Ben Shahn, TV Aerials
AUGUST Missouri Valley


JULY A.Refregier, Mining
AUGUST A.Frasconi, Agricultural machinery
JANUARY, Witold Gordon Canada's Oil Frontier
SEPTEMBER, Kenneth Davies\still ife, ear and eye
APRIL, Bernard Perlin, The Brewers
MARCH, The Chemical Century
JUNE, New Coal Mining Tools
DECEMBER, Prestopino, Canal Lock and Shipping
OCTOBER, Carboni, Du Pont issue.
MAY , John Piper, features on England recovery


JANUARY Ben Shahn Products of Clay
MARCH Laurence Sisson, New England Industrial Scene
NOVEMBER Jerome Snyder, Construction
OCTOBER, The New Capitalism, photo
JULY. Franck, Made in Buffalo
AUGUST Lewandowski, Docks
APRIL Lamarr Dodd, Mining
DECEMBER Giustio, Metal Drilling
SEPTEMBER, Walter Allner, Nut and Bolt Metal Drilling
MAY Robert Gwathmey A helicopter working for the Oil Industry
JUNE Virginia Cuthber, The Politics of Aluminiumt


SEPTEMBER, Alvin Lustig, The Language of Advertising  
APRIL, W.Allner, Selling
OCTOBER, W.Allner, The Race for the Senate
NOVEMBER, Night Shopping
JANUARY , Shipping
MAY, James Flora, US Merchant Ships
  JUNE, Walter Allner. Pittsburgh Rebuilds
MARCH, Leo Lionni, Frozen Orange Juice
FEBRUARY, The Government of the USA
AUGUST, Brian Connelly, special issue on Canada
JULY, Jerome Snyder packaging fantasy
DECEMBER, Walter Allner, End of the Boom



JULY, W.Allner, Telephone, switchboard
SEPTEMBER, W.Allner, Test Tubes, Parke Davis
JUNE, George Giusti, Junior Executive Housing
NOVEMBER, W.Allner, Air Defence
FEBRUARY, W.Allner, Iron Curtain
APRIL, N.Foujita, Jet Airlines
JANUARY Giusti, The New Age of Science
MARCH Pintori, Loading/Unloading
DECEMBER, Hans Moller, Christmas Star


MAY, George Giusti, Viaduct Railways
FEBRUARY, Eric Nitsche, Market for Houses
NOVEMBER, W.Allner, Spanner,
SEPTEMBER, Giusti, Rear View Mirror
DECEMBER, Jerome Snyder, Christmas
AUGUST Allner, The Changing American Market
OCTOBER, Foujita, City Scape
JANUARY, Lewitt-Him, Crown Xellerback (trees)
OCTOBER, Foujita, Cityscape
JULY, Eastman Kodak Enlarged
MARCH, Walter Allner, How Are we fixed for Water?
APRIL , Nathan Gluck, Fashion
JUNE, Helen Federico , exercise in circles



OCTOBER Alcoa's Splendid Retreat
MARCH Allner The Future market for Stocks,
SEPTEMBER Frasconi Oil Donkeys
JUNE Printed Circuits
APRIL Allner, In Tray and Out Tray (Executive worth)
MAY Walter Murch, Greatest Year for Glass
FEBRUARY, The Changed Face of the US
AUGUST Ben Shahn, The Surveyor
OCTOBER Charles Rotkin, Alcoa New Building )photo)
JANUARY FORTUNE'S 25th annibversary issue
DECEMBER Treasures of Intenrnational Art


JANUARY Virginia Cuthbert, The White House
MARCH Allner New Building Techniques
OCTOBER Steel Builds for a New Era
NOVEMBER Peru, Dollars at Work (ph)
APRIL Virginia Cuthbert, The White House
JUNE Walter Allner, Motivational Research
DECEMBER, Offshore Oil Gamble, Robert Weaver


MARCH Robert Weaver, Furnace and Figures
APRIL Jerome Snyder, The Housing Situation
JULY Leo Lionni Atomic Nuclei
AUGUST The Highway
OCTOBER Allner, US Business in the World
SEPTEMBER The New American Metropolis, photograph
NOVEMBER, Frasconi, Landscape
APRIL, Siegel and Allner, Automation (Rotary Stepping Switch)
DECEMBER, A Banker's Art Collection
MAY , Industrial India
FEBRUARY , Crisis in Communism
JANUARY ,The Deep North USA
JUNE , Electronics in Industry



JANUARY Alan Fletcher, Radio Astronomy etc
NOVEMBER Varda, Dockside
JUNE Prestopino, Airport signalling tower
FEBRUARY, The Houston Complex photo
MAY Allner, Weather Control
SEPTEMBER, Barry Geller, The Great Highway programme
JULY KESSEL, Dome construction photo
AUGUST, Allner, A Plan to Save the Railroad
DECEMBER , Businessmen's Gifts of Art 1958
MARCH , Africa Joins the World
APRIL, Vin Giuliani Crazy Ezra Benson Agricultural Machinery



JANUARY, W.Allner, Market of the 60's
MAY, W.Allner, The New US Society
OCTOBER, Armour's Drive to Diversify
DECEMBER, US Businessmen's Illuminated Teasures
SEPTEMBER Emanuele Luzzati vacuum furnace
AUGUST Barrett Gallagher, USS Independence
MARCH Dan Wiener, Launching at Quincy



JUNE, roofers, John Gundelfinger
NOVEMBER, Jerome Snyder, Montgomery Ward
OCTOBER, Robert Andrew Parker, Nigerian Oil
APRIL, Fisher, Welding
JANUARY, Allner, Where is the Dollar Heading?
AUGUST, W.D.Osborne a crowd from above
MAY, Industry in Africa


OCTOBER Andre Francois, Dock Side
DECEMBER, Bernard Perlin, The Crisis in the Courts
JULY, Allner, FORTUNE 500
JUNE, What happened to the US Economy?
MAY, W.Allner, The New US Society
JANUARY ,Autos; tense months ahead
MARCH , Pharmacy Construction
APRIL John Bryson ICBM
FEBRUARY Simpson Kallisher MIT



JUNE W.Allner, The Nation and Space
APRIL Robert Andrew Parker, Bethlehem Steel
January 1962 Ship Building
May Nicholas Solovioff, Chicago Finance
JULY, Allner, Pan-Am luggage Labels
MARCH, Dan Page, Photo Dulles Airport


FEBRUARY, Paul Hogarth, Surveyor
JULY, FORTUNE 500 (pills)
JUNE Auto Auto Auto (car insignia)
OCTOBER, Bank Vault photograph
MARCH, Wealth of the Sea Unlocked
SEPTEMBER Alfred P.Sloan of GM, portrait, Robert Weaver
MAY, Jack Zajak, Labour Unions are worth the Price
DECEMBER , Hiro still life, the Wealth of the Oceans
APRIL , Bolts of Cloth J.P.Stevens


JANUARY, N.Solovioff, The White House
JULY, Walter Allner, FORTUNE 500, concept
MAY, Glamorous Sears Roebuck photo
OCT, Cliff Cargo Loading
FEBRUARY, The Mysterious New Stock Market
AUGUST, Capitalism's Huge New Plus
SEPTEMBER, Topolski, New York, a City Destroying Itself
JUNE The Young Executives
MARCH , The Computer Age
FEBRUARY, Mysterious New Stock Market



MAY, N.Solovioff, Faith and Science

NOVEMBER Air Pollution (photograph)

DECEMBER Allner, Quasars
JANUARY Parker, Furnaces
AUGUST, American Investment under attack
JUNE, Autos, Autos, Autos
OCTOBER ,Glass House of Saint Gobain
MARCH , LA Supercity .....



JULY, profits and the USSR
MARCH, manhole covers
AUGUST Child and Computer



OCTOBER Social Security
JULY, Fashion,J.C.Penney
MARCH Douglas Aircraft



JANUARY Romare Bearden, Business and the Urban Crisis
APRIL Harbour Scene


SEPTEMBER, Earth moving (double page)





Many thanks to Jessica Foster for her help in sending scans.