LOVERS. Folly is to be thanked for making spouses bear with one anaother, the home remain in peace, and the marriage bond stay firm
OLD MEN. For age loves a pot better than any petticoat.
DOGS OF WAR. It is your dense, hearty man who is called for, the one with as much courage and as little sense as possible.
MEDICOS. It is well known nowadays that medicine, like oratory, is a branch of the art of flattery.
PETTIFOGGERS. Consequently the lawyer piles up a fortune, while the theologian, having digested the whole body of divinity, sits gnawing a crust.
PREACHERS. Mercy upon us, how they gesticulate, whisper, bawl, trill, puff themslves out and run with the whole gamut of grimaces, and how they obscure the sense of what they are saying.
PEDAGOGUES. They have no problem in perceiving ideas, universals, primary substances, quiddities, and formal entities at a glance.
COURTIERS. They delight to cringe elegantly, to kiss the royal toe with an air, and to excel one another in abasement of themselves and exaltation of their masters.
JUDGES. By citing sixty statutes in a breath, none relevant, piling precedent on precedent, and taking opinions on opinions, they contrive to make their branch of knowledge appear the most difficult.
CHURCHMEN One grain of the salt of which Christ spoke would be enough to dispel all that exuberant corruption of riches, honours and pardons, those horses, mules and parasites, all that luxury.