01 illustration to Lavengro 1896

02 illustration for Dream of Fair Women, St Simon Stylites, 1900

03 illustration to H.G.Wells short story Pall Mall Magazine 1890



01 from The Kaiser's Garland 1915

02 etching, Don Quixote among the Enchanters 6 x 7".

03 from The Kaiser's Garland 1915



Sullivan was possessed of a dark and brooding sensibility best seen in The Kaiser's Garland, as agressive and malevolent as Raemekers but much better drawn. Often Sullivan's talent was concealed in a welter of eighteenth century sensibility, a surfeit of the Vicar of Wakefield. This made his outlines flabby and structures feeble. A predisposition to wispy calligraphy also marks his worst work.