Ronald Searle , born 1920.

It is difficult to know where to start illustrating Ronald Searle's achievements, and in particular, his influence on other illustrators. Rather than attempt a survey, I'll include lesser known works of sheer brilliance.
Here is a complex and very funny comic book version of the Odyssey , from Punch May 25th 1955. It is a marvellous summary of all the visual conventions (cliches ?) of the art form. 16 x 22cms.

The second and last work is a Canadian book illustrated for the Hudson Bay Company, celebrated trappers. The Great Fur Opera , Stephen Greene Press, Battleboro 1970. The page size is 20 x 27.5cms.Searle did the illustrations and the text is by Kildare Dobbs whose portrait appears on the
back cover.

left - front cover and right - characteristic lettering from a chapter heading.