"His best known workis Mein Vorurteil Gegen Diese Zeit (My Objections to these Times), a book of 100 wood engravings. Outside of a spare four page introduction by Rössing, it is only images with titles, teetering on a wordless narrative, albeit without continuity. Published in 1932, it a harsh Groszesque indicttment of the Nazi regime. I conjecture that a good part of the reason he is lesser known is that he chose to stay in Germany during the war years. He is reputed to have stayed in order to continue to teach. Since his personal opinions were not in doubt, no one should have considered him tainted by the Nazis and yet both in Germany and abroad his work seems to still bear the burden of the association.

The first edition of Mein Vorurteil Gegen Diese Zeit is fairly scarce and desirable. There is a quality facsimile. I also have a portfolio from years later with a substantial selections of impressions (about 26 or 27) from the surviving original blocks, each signed and numbered by Rössing. That he kept the blocks at what must have been considerable risk says a lot about his beliefs. The years have taken their toll on the blocks, which show cracks and imperfections here and there." Letter from Michael Ricker.