Otto Nückel


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Cover, Hans Erich Blaich, 1873-1945, Auf Den Nachttische Zu Legen, Eine Kleine Betpostille, (To Lay on the Bedside Table) Zusammengestellt von Dr.Owlglass(Pseud.) 1942 Blaich had been an editor of Simplicissimus.


Otto Nückel Born Cologne 1888 he originally intended to join the medical profession but arriving in Munich he became an artist, associated early on with the Munich Secession.

The shortage of wood after the end of the World War resulted in his experimented with engraving on lead which gave a particular patina to his depiction of surfaces.

He spent his life as a cartoonist and illustrator, Simplicissimus, and Ping Pong (for children). He returned to Cologne and died there in 1955. Schiksal is his most smbitious, extended and accomplished sustained narrative.

Will Eisner counts Nückel as a formative influence on his work along with Masereel and Lynd Ward.

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