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Nature's ABC, selective examples.

Little Animals/ Shells - some examples.

Animals on the Farm for Puffin 1951

The Children's Circus Book, undated c1925

The Story of Living Things undated c 1948

The Story of Living Things BIBLIOG c 1948

The Nature Lover's Companion 1950, insects (single image)

One Day on Beetle Rock 1946, selected single pages

One Day on Beetle Rock 1946, more pages

Exploring the Seashore The Children's Wonder Book No.2

Some Strange Animals The Children's Wonder Book No.3

A Second Primer of Classical Ballet, 1938

Claude Flight and his Circle, 1975

The Grosvenor School, Providence 1988


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dedicated to Dr. Pauline Caller


Born 1906. An artist with a wide range of achievements in the graphic arts, producing illustrations to fiction, children's books, alphabets, as well as exhibiting prints. She was associated with Claude Flight and the Linocutting Movement in Britain between the Wars. I last came across reference to her in New Zealand.

A Masterpiece and Labour of Love The Story of Living Things and their Evolution ,Waverley Books London undated (1944) a project that took her five years to complete.

One of the most gifted and underrated illustrators of her day. She was highly professional and imaginative. Here as a sort of tribute are some examples. I have gone into some detail because nowhere on the WWW can I find much reference to her.