David Levine


The Team

We have long urged students to look at David Levine - a terrific tonal control and an uncanny ability to sustain likeness and characteristic poses. We include one image only here to stimulate further study. It is a neat narrative device, to imagine the power brokers of the Johnson cabinet as a sort of Totem Pole. From the ground up, the figures are

Hubert Humphrey the Great Optimist caressing a Cornucopia from which ooze clunky little TV's.

Next up is Dean Rusk with his flabby face and bat-ears, while surmounting the Secretary of State - the Tsar of Foggy Bottom -

is that Prince of the Balance-Sheet Robert McNamara with sword and reflecting specs as Secretary of Defence.

Top of the Pole is LBJ with his Imperial symbols. What fortune to be born with so much graphic satirical talent in a land of such Great Grotesques.


Find your copy of NO KNOWN SURVIVORS , Gambit Boston 1970. Look for Spiro, Nixon and Kissinger. We have a lot to thank Levine for.