Gerard Hoffnung (1925 - 1959)


He had contributed drawings to Lilliput from the age of 15. Musician, artist and writer, Hoffnung defined a certain British whimsy in the 1950's with slightly more sulphur than Roland Emmett. He was a prolific illustrator and much of his work was on musical themes. He found, I was told by a contemporary, it comparatively easy to whistle Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring on the way to the shops.
Illustrations to Robert Woodall's Peace Perfect Peace , Dec.1948
4 cms square
3 cms square
3 cms square

Hoffnung makes us question the automatic assumptions - the torch that projects darkness - the jelly registering force - the display of fly swats. from Ho Ho Hoffnung, London 1959

06 Illustration to The Boy and the Magic, Dennis Dobson, London 1964, based on an opera by Maurice Ravel, after the story by Colette. A vile child, unpleasant to all, awakes the grisly spirit of uncontrolled mathematics.