Herblock- the Terrible Voice of Fifties America Herbert Lawrence Block 1909 - , and always associated with the Washington Post. He was incontrovertibly the most influential cartoonist of his day, and his graphic formulae for the Bomb, the Little Man, Republicans, Democrats and Joe McCarthy were defining for the Nation. His pamphlet, Herblock looks at Communism gives a distorted feeling for his work. He was just as scathing in his attaccks on Pork Barrel Politics, and the suppression of Liberty during the Anti-Communist hysteria of the early fifties.

01 April 1949"There are constant demands that school books should be subject to review by self-appointed censors with no particular qualifications beyond ownership of pencils, scissors, and red-white-and-blue hatchets. "

02 the figure of Mr.Atom just grew..."He wasn't planned as a continuing character, but after his first appearance he kept muscling into the pictures as a warning that he wasn't going to be permanently on our side alone and that if he weren't controlled he could cut loose on the whole world. There's a sort of law of diminishing returns on the frequent use of a 'heavy' character like this. If you don't watch this type of fellow, he'll get to hamming it up, and burlesquing himself, and becoming a funny likable guy."
03 August 1951 note McCarthy with the Smear bucket
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