see also his line drawings for Kelly Springfield Tire Advertisements


Laurence Fellows was the most celebrated fashion illustrator of his age. He was born in 1885, trained at Philadelphia and with Laurens in Paris. He was back in the States by 1910 and started early with fine drawings for Vogue. he developed from the fastidious line of kelly Springfield (see above) to the painterly sleekness of the colour fashion plates. There is always a conflict between the chicness of the fashion and the Blimpishness of the Buffers wearing them.

He must have tired during his career of feeding this Fashion beast, having a firm sense of composition, it never seemed to go anywhere, and one has the suspicion he never really challenged himself. He was a practiced master of the Triouser leg with urbane creasing, rather like damp fold drapery in medieval illustration. He died in 1964