The Communist weekly periodical flourished between 1921 and 1923, under the editorship of Francis Meynell then under observation by MI5 for supportine left wind causes, smuggling jewels into the UK in chocolates. There is one reference to the possibility that Meynell was the cartoonist with the name Westral, but the graphic style to me seems beyond this pioneer designer and publisher. Meynell was succeeded by the cookery writer Raymond Postgate, a fellow journalist at the Daily Herald.

Will Hope, like David Low was a New Zealander. He worked for TRUTH in his homeland, and then the New York Globe in 1915. In the UK he worked like Meynell and Postgate for the Daily Herald.

From Leftontheshelf website.

BUCHAN, James Boswell
DAVY, David Caplan
ECCLES, Frank Brown
GABRIEL, James Friel
GOW, Vic Feather
KEN Ken Sprague
LUCIAN< Derek Chittock and Roger Woddis
MARO DM.A Rowley
PONTAX Paxton Chadwick
SELRAHC, Charles Marchington
WETRAL possible Francis Meynell
YAFFLE, Bernard Boothroyd