Bennett was capable of inventive, lively and highly detailed work in a comic tradition at a time when Du Maurier's figure drawing style seemed to be prevailing.

Here are some examples of Bennett's work:

01 Punch March 11th 1865 p.97: and an ambitious decorative initial with some ingenious sequences, well up to the early standard of Initials set by Tenniel in the early years of the magazine.

02 An amusing satire on idiotic and useless policmen, some realised as moles. Punch April 22nd 1865 p.157

03 The Derby Horseshoe Magnet

04 Punch April 29th 1865 p. 169

05 A Prophet in his Own Country, the discrepancy between weather forecast (here the caption) and the actuality (the picture). Punch February 24th 1866, p.75, by Charles Bennett.

Paterfamilas Reading the Times, London Opinion 1862


Beadledom, London Opinion 1862