NUGGETS was clearly intended for those people who lived for time off work - sickness, absenteeism, weekends, short holidays and much longer versions. Compare this with PUNCH in which there was a visual humour of the Office, of the Workplace and a clear distinction made with the visual humour of Leisure. The imagery of Nuggets offers a sense of Liberation and the Carnivalesque for the Office Boy, the Clerk and the Typist (second row). The venues offered are strictly South Coast of England, Margate, Brighton, Bournemouth and Hastings, a key to identifying the anticipated readership in the Home Counties and in London. Scotland deserves a mention but only for Golf. Abroad is referred to as an option but not with any great conviction.

There are several references in the images above to the licence enjoyed by the Holiday maker in terms of Fashion and Display - strolling, spooning and bathing. There are clear (if unadventurous) references to the Family Holiday, but the majority of cartoons addressed the Young Bloods of both Sexes, the Mash and the Fisher Girl. In the top row is a cartoon by Shirley Hooson whose work appeared regularly in Nuggets, a rare example of a woman cartoonist flourishing in such raffish company.