01.The Portuguese satirical magazine Parodia unveiling the slaughter of the Russo-Japanese War with sinister panache. Get used to the scale of the ring-master and then you see the distant skyline. Such switches of scale help in understanding the evocations of War.

02. The English magazine JUDY, Hebblethwaite's image of the scything presence of Death over the Globe with a rather feeble contretemps in Northern Manchuria. October 1903

03. Thorndike for the New York American, the destruction of the wooden ship the General Slocum in New York in 1904 with the loss of over one thousand lives. A wonderfully bleak image with mother and child seized by Figure Head of Death.

04.Cincinnati Commercial Tribune, Death is rarely shown with pupils in the eye - and here is seen to comic effect taunting John Bull's blunders in Imperial conduct. Not only does the word 'blunders' appear prominently on the Spectre's garb but in single letter's on the pate of the skulls and (a high fashion note) on each knee pad of the Beefy Man himself. A strange specimen of obsessive hatching.

05.Graetz for Jugend and a graphic comment on the succession to the Papcy showing cardinals have no fear of Death. Up to the usual high standards of Jugend draftsmanship, and strong in anonymous characterisation of the ambitious masses. Good characterisation of the skeletal face.