LARRY ADLER AND HIS HARMONICA; I admired the man and his political stance in America, delighted to offer him a sanctuary in the UK. But the sound of the harmonica offended whoever played it (Tommy Reilly, Max Geldray, the Harmonica Rascals etc). I then realised how uneasy I felt with the the shivering taut hand movements which attempted to conceal the smallness of the task of playing this little silver biscuit. What we could see of Larry's face (and amazing hair cut) was similarly knotted in the travails of creativity.

At least Bob Dylan had the decency not to make a fuss as he activated the thing cantilevered around his neck. During one of his performances I heard myself saying,"Please,Bob, don't!" But then, as always, he did.

In an edition of The Simpsons Homer asks a fellow inmate of the Gaol who is playing a mouth organ, "What are you in for?"

"Atmosphere." was the lugubrious reply.