1. J Gibbs, Congleton War Working Party
2. W Hyde, The Steel Converter Woolwich Arsenal
3  N Wilkinson, The Salt Lake Suvla Bay 1915
4  H Hillier, The Fleet at Mudros
5. J McEvoy, Capt Naysmith
6  J McEvoy, Capt Finch
7. W Roberts, a Shell Dump France
8. G Ledward detail Historical Freize
9. A Porter Canadians Cutting and Carting wood
10. Orpen, German Gunners shelter
11 Orpen, Outside small mine crater
12 Kennington, The Diehards Middlesex Regiment
13. Tonks, Underground CCS Arras
14. G Philpot Sir R Tyrwhitt
15. P Connard Coastal Motor boats
16  P Connard Harwich Force leaving
17. H Rushbury London in Wartime Eagle Hut Aldwych
18. H Rushbury, St James Sq London in Wartime
19 H Rushbury, London in Wartime, Trafalgar Sq, War savings drive
20. H Rushbury, London in Wartime,Kensington Palace allotments
21. J. Wheatley, Private Crichton
22. G Underwood, Capt McKean
23. CS Jagger Battle of Ypres Hist freize
24. A McEvoy, Arthur Asquith
25 A McEvoy, Petty Officer Pitcher
26. Anna Airy The L press , Openshaw
27. Colin Gill, Captured German Howitzer at Fampoux
28 Colin Gill Fampoux
29 N Arnold, Daylight Raid
30 Nevinson A Taube
31 F Dodd, Night Patrol
32. F Dodd, Gun Crew
33 G Philpott, V Admiral keyes
34 Adrian Hill The Lille Gate Ypres
35 Borlane Smart, Arras in Flames
36 Tony Cyrian, German prisoners in the Granite works Arenig
37. R Brundrit, The Carso Front
38. Francis Hidge Mont St Quentin 1918
39 H S Williamson, German attack on a wet morning
40. Nevinson, Road from Arras
41 H Rushbury, St Paul’s Cathedral
42 Nico Jungman, Christmas Dinner Ruhleben Camp
43 I Strang, Outskirts of Lens
44 Campbell Taylor, Herculaneim Dock, Liverpool, dazzle Painting
45 A Hill, The Gas Guard
46 Darcy Japp, Royal Field Artillery Macedonia
47  D Maxwell MI entering Tyre
48 D Maxwell the bombing of Beirut Harbour
49 Fleming Williams, Bombing a Gwerman Submarine
50 N Wilkinson, Base Camp Cape Helles under shell fire 1915
51 P.Connard Surrender of the Goeven
52  P Connard, the guns of HMS Caesar
53 Epstein, Lord Fisher
54 De Glehn, Valley of the Isonzo
55. De Glehn View from Observation Post Calvario
56 A Hill, Rue Carton, Ypres
57. A Hill, Gwerman Concrete Shelters outside Lille
58  C. King, Allied Craft
59. C. King Sunday at Copenhagen
60. G Philpot, Admiral Sturdee
61 Orpen, Flight Sergeant
62 Kennington, Hero of  8th Queen’s
63. D Y Cameron, Battlefield of Ypres
64 C Bryant, Camouflaged ships Boulogne
65 Sholto Douglas, SS Lackawanna
66 D Maxwell, Navy in Baghdad
67. T Derrick, American troops leaving for Farnce
68. Sargent, Interioor of a Hospital tent
69  Sargent, Street in Arras
70. Sargent, Scots Greys
71 Sargent Camouflaged Tents
72 Godard Jackson, Prisoners Schwarmstadt Camp
73 W Bayes, The Underworld
74, W Baynes, Awaiting Zeppelins Sandringham
75 G Lipcombe First Line Dressing Station Isonzo Italy
76 M Bone, Off Duty
77 J Wheatley Divers at work on a torpedoed ship
78 M Bone. The SS Kashmir
79  Dorothy Coke, War Allotments
80 G Underwood, Erecting a camouflage tree
81 H Rushbury, War Refugees Camp, earl’s Court
82 S Forbes Sail making Devonport
83. Lavery, A Convoy 1918 from the air
84. F.Dodd H M Trenchard
85 F Dodd Sydney Hall
86  Arnold-Foster, The Great Hanger, East Fortune 1918
87 F Unwin A Gallery in Hertford House
88 W Rothenstein, Huy Belgium
89. H S Power, Red Cross Train France
90 Gerard Chowne. Doiran Front 1916
91 S Tresilian, Kamstigall East Prussia 1918
92. Tonks, Archangel, from the Belfry Tower
93 G Ledward, Gunners 8 inch Howitzer
94 I Mestrovic, Dr Elsie Inglis,
95. I Roslyn W Branker
96 J MacBey, Allies enter Jerusalem
97. W Rothenstein, The Watch on the Rhine
98.C S  Jagger GT Western War Memorial (extra)