1. Orpen, Lord Plumer
2. Charles Sims, Camouflaged Quarry
3. Kennington, The Dismantled Elephant
4. Dodd, Interrogation
5. Sargent, Gassed
6. Hughes Stanton, St Quentin Canal
7. Clausen, Gun Factory
8. Bayes, Landing Survivors from a torpedo boat
9. Lintott, Burial of the Victims of the Russian Revolution
10. Oppenheimer, The Green Crassier, Lens
11. Pears, HMS Furious, Aerodrome ship (camouflage)
12. Pears, Shipping the PVs
13. MacClure HQ 29th division Gully Ravine Gallipoli
14. Seabrooke, Bombardment of Gorizia
15. Meninsky, Departure Platform at Victoria Station
16. W T Wood, Salonika the fire, last phase (and colour repro tipped in)
17. Strang, the Menin Road
18. Streeton, The Tunnel Mouth Bellicourt
19. Steer, Dover Harbour
20. Tonks, advanced dressing station
21. Airy, Aircraft Assembly Shop Hendon
22. John Nash, Oppy Wood.
23. Russell, Lt Gen Godley
24. Hayward, General Birdwood
25. Colin Gill, Heavy Artillery
26. F Dobson, The Balloon Apron
27. Adeney, Experimental depot for Tanks
28. Schwabe, Voluntary Land workers in a flax field, Northants
29. Schwabe, Women’s Land Army and German prisoners
30. Hughes Stanton, The Lens Arras Road
31. Hughes Stanton, Arras from the suburb of S Nicholas
32. A.N.Lewis, Artillery Drivers in the Snow, Italian Front
33. Macbey, Acre
34. Dugdale, Jerusalem
35. Steer Dover harbour
36. Alfree, Torpedoed Tramp Steamer, Cornwall 1918
37. Gray, Anti-Aircraft Gun, Cannon Street
38. Gray, Kings Cross Anti Aircraft gun
39. S.Spencer, Travoys arriving with the Wounded Macedonia
40. J.Wheatley Admiralty Salvage Diver
41, Kennington The Queen’s Carpenter
42 C J Holmes, a two year old steelworks
43 C Burleigh, Interior of the Pavilion Brighton
44 Douglas Fox Pitt, The Dome Brighton
45 Nevinson, The Harvest of Battle
46 Jackson The Keep Billets, Hebuterne 1916
47 Cecil Aldin Lady grooms Pangbourne
48 Barnard Davis, The Gerrard’s Cross Hospital
49 A Bryce, the Censorship Room Strand House London
50 Ernest Dade Convoy Whitby High Lights
51 Allfreer, Motor Launches
52 W Wood The Doiran Front
53 W Wood, Salonika Front 1917
54 H Rushbury, Lake Village St james Park
55 W Monk, The Fallen Zeppelin Potters Bar
56 Lavery, Rigids at Pulham 1918
57 Orpen Sir Travers Clark
58 Orpen, Lt Col A Lee
59 C Sims, The Old German Front Line
60 H Somerville, The Late Rev Hardy
61 F Whiting, General MarchsallJ
62 Anna Air, Shop for Machining Cl;ydebank
63 I Strang Ypres
64 I Strang, Hotel de Ville, Bailleeul
65 Hughes Stanton, Cemetery Mont St Eloi
66 Hughes Stanton, Lens
67 H S Williamson, Human Sacrifice
68 Kennington, A CCS Ward
69  H.S.Williamson, Removing the wounded 60 yards from the enemy
70 John Nash, Over the Top, Marcoing
71 Meninsky, Leave train arrives at Victoria 1918
72 A Hayward, The Staff Train at Charing Cross
73 J Gray, Ration Party, Neuve Chapelle 1915
74 A Lewis Srg Hunter
75 Colin Gill, Captain Jack VC
76 Gilbert Spencer New Arrivals, Staionary Hospital Sinai
77. Lavery, RNVR Crystal Palace
78 R Cooper, Rigid
79 P Nash, The Menin Road
80 M Bone, The Great Crater Athies
81 M Bone, Deniecourt Chateau Estrees
83 M. Bone, Heavy Field Howitzer
84 M. Bone, Officers in a dugout
85 W Roberts, Pack Mules
86 W Lewis, Battery Position in a Wood
87 J McBey, The Emir Sherif Feisul