Artist: Collective images from past newspapers with a new cover by Alberto Beltrán.

Title: Calaveras Resurrectas (The Resurrected Calaveras)

Date: 1954

Medium: Linoleum cut/linecut with offset or linecut reproductions with type.

Edition: 2,000

Inscriptions/Annotations: None noted Paper/impression quality: Very good impressions on typical low quality paper.

Image dimensions: Various Sheet dimensions: 8.8" x 6.8" when closed.

Description:This smaller booklet is not actually the calvera newspaper for 1954, but rather a compliation of previous calavera efforts. It has twenty pages bound side stitch with a glued on wrap around cover (now detatched.) It is a valuable reference for those papers which are very uncommon but are reproduced in this volume. There are several gatefold images showing the wide variety of calaveras represented over the years. The cover image is a new image by Alberto Beltrán. Presumably the back cover is also.