Calavera Newspaper for the year 1982

Artists:Various artists from the workshop

Title: Calacas 82 Date: 1982

Medium: Linoleum cuts/linecuts with type.

Edition: Unknown

Inscriptions/Annotations: None noted Paper/impression quality: Good impressions on typical low quality paper.

Image dimensions: Various

Sheet dimensions: 16.3" x 11.4" when closed Prignitz numbers: Not listed in Prignitz which lists no calavera papers after 1965.

Reference: Prignitz, other calavera newspapers on pages 369-376.

Description:This calavera paper covers the usual contemporary topics with the usual humorous flair. Of particular interest is the centerspread with DarthVadar and a nazi C3PO. Also of note is the movement towards reproductions of drawings as well as relief prints.