01 Schrafft's Chocolates (since 1861), February 1954 "for the lovingest day of the year..." ; the whole image measures 12 x 32 cms. The products on offer include the Schrafft Valentine Heart, and the Schrafft De Luxe Ruffled Heart.. The fortunate recipient of the Rose Corsage Heart (2 lbs.) has clearly dressed for the occasion and demonstrates the traditional two handed gesture of Utter Delight. This is usually demonstrated by the Woman Consumer, and I have looked in vain for a male equivalent. In Western Painting the gesture is associated with women attending the Tomb of Christ who throw their hands up in this way to express amazement. The typography of LOVINGEST, in its mock hand written way is dangerously close to "Longest", not an attribute attached to the consumption of chocolates. "When these luscious chocolates do your talikng, you're sure every word is right". Illustrator unknown

02 Nineteenth century tokens exchanged on Valentine's day.

03 Jewelry Industry Council , February 5th 1949; "Whether your sweetheart is silver-haired or seventeen .. the lady you love loves jewelry for her Valentine. Look how her eyes light up when she gets a gift in a jeweler's box.... Something from the Jeweler's is Always Something Special". The imagery and copy for a trade institution advert is also something Special, in the promotion of the product without a brand name.

04 Whitmans's Chocolates , February 4 1950 , The Heart Box and The Sampler. "A Woman never Forgets the Man Who Remembers" .The illustrator is Coby Whitmore, the great Romantic Image Maker from the magazines. His speciality is the lissome and sensuous deployment of fingers and red painted nails. You can also encounter the image in the section on The Kiss

05 Advert for Ronson's Lighters , April 1953, and in this context - pity the product that lacks its special day in the year.