THE ANSWERS. .. Well - plausible suggestions.


01 The New York City Police Bomb Disposal Squad are unusual in that they had a particular penchant for raffia and the protection that basketweave can provide. From an American magazine September 1959.

02 from "Behind the Signs" POPULAR SCIENCE January 1947, and the celebrated automated smoker Billboard on Times Square in New York. The article kindly includes the technical drawings to build your own. You can find cinematic interest in the device in radio days (Woody Allen) and in Artists and Models (Lewis and Martin). The machine would exhale smoke rings over the Square at a regular beat.

03. Gaspar Schott, Technica Curiosa , Nurenburg 1664 , depicting an occupied diving bell without the inconvenience of drawing underwater.

04.from a satirical pamphlet written by Nathaniel Ward on his return to England after living and preaching in New England. It was published in 1648, with a message about tradesmen-Preachers which is almost totally impenetrable. Your answer is as good as his.

05. Several demented Republicans dedicate a tray of good old Texan soil to the dear candidate. An early example of the Bending Pope's disease.

06. A classic of seventeenth century surgery, Fabricius Ab Aquapendente, L'Opere cirurgiche , Cadorino at Padua, 1671. A prosthetic suit.

07. an engraving dated 1805 showing the aerial stage effects used at the Lyceum in London.

08. from Jacques Vontet's The Art of Carving Meat and Fruit, Lyons 1647, and a selection of ingeniously carved lumps for the best of tables.

09. One of the celebrated Maidenform Bra ads where the potential purchaser was offered a series of sexual fantasies in which she could appear - here the Lady and the Unicorn Tapestry (1958)