Johannes Stradanus designed, Philippus Gallaeus engraved, a print after the print workshop of Jan van der Straet (Stradanus himself). The print is inscribed, "The printing of books [it was in a series of recorded inventions]... As one sound can be taken in by so many ears, so single writings (the type of a single piece) mark are impressed on a thousand pages." See BIBLIOGRAPHICA part II undated c1894.

from Martin Luther's Auff des Bocks zu Leypczick Antwort, 1520 - 1522 , Wittenburg. from Vittorio Zonca

Novo Teatro di Machine et Edifici... Padua, Bertelli 1656

image used by Conrad Badius in his books printed in Paris, after 1546.

a device in the middle of the titlepage of Franz Behem's printed edition of De Chalcographiae inventione written by Bergellanus (1541).

from La Bibliotheque des enfans, ou les Premiers elemens des lettres, contenant le Sisteme du ureau tipographique, Simon, Paris , 1732 - 1734. This was an early and influential handbook introducing young minds to the possibilities of printing.

A print by Mitelli of a print seller and undated (c1670). The protests are not so much for the artistic qualities of the images, but the raucous calling of the wares.



Moxon's Mechanick Exercises, Vol 2, London 1683, titlepage and portrait

TYPE-SETTING Fortune November 1942

Haarlem 1628 by S.Ampzing

Progress in Printing, Sperry, September 1947

Dupont's printing works, Paris 1867

Know your Printer Better, 01 1957 office

Know your Printer Better, 02 1957 print works

William Chisholm and Progress in Printing c1948



printing machinery, SPERRY 1947