SALE FRENCH 19/20 C DRAWINGS part of the Fribourg Collection Sotheby's 1963




Vere Foster's Drawing Book series, Landscape and Marine

Drawing after the Antique , The Townley Collection c1794

Edison's developmental sketch

Teaching Cartoons by Phone.

Diagrams of personnel in a political cartoon, Harry Furniss.

Drawing when Pissed.

selection of Drawing Books in ARTISTS' MANUALS

Drawing the sights on a journey, Laing in Sierra Leone 1826



Machine Drawing (coloured) Accum 1815

Consultation at the Drawing Board, Robert Lavin c1958

RORSCHACH in action, FORTUNE 1950


DOTTO, the Drawing Game Show, from TV Show Annual 1959

Landscapes made on an assembly line, postcards c1950

Technical Drawing, Lancaster Bomber B VII, Tony Mullen Collection

Technical Drawing, Lancaster Bomber B II, Tony Mullen Collection


The Anastatic Drawing Society 1858

Making an elephant in fireworks , Lucknow c 1815-1820


Drawing ; The formation of a line by drawing some tracing instrument from point to point of a surface; representation by lines; delineation; That which is drawn, a delineation by pen, pencil or crayon.
1668 ; a sketch.

Drawing is "going for a walk with a line" Paul Klee.

The images above can be used to initiate discussions of the role of drawing, the contirbution of style, the evidence of function,etc.

"It is characteristic of all my drawings that the paper `opens up' and that its whiteness (or blackness) is regarded as an area or space of light and atmosphere, in which energies, represented by the dot, crystallise in forms partially suggested by outline." Claes Oldenburg.

"Drawings are the first ideas of a painter, the first flash of his imagination, his style, his spirit, his way of thinking. A painter while painting corrects himself and restrains the impulse of his genius, while making a drawing, he dashes off the first flash of his thoughts, he shows himself he is. A painter's way of drawing is as distinctive as handwriting and much more revealing than a writer's style." Dezallier d'Argenville.

"Does the line possess order to the others or is the mark maker lost - is it the cut line in stone - the hard line of mill iron - to make a mark - to set a stroke - which demands its space; to defile the white sheet or make the mark of honor - are these the strokes that elicit sympathy or are these the strokes that isolate the difference - who are you making them for - you and who else ?" David Smith.

"The line of contour should be closed, continuous and should end so as to promise more forms beyond itself and also to make evident the parts which it hides or implies." Xenocrates of Sicyon. "Drawing is the basis and theory of painting and sculpture." Ghiberti "Drawing should give the eye in the shape of a demonstration the intention and invention first first conceived by its image. Line has not matter in it or any other substance, but since it is thus conditioned, it takes up no room. Contour is a surface which is neither of the body nor a part of the atmosphere, but a medium interposed between the atmosphere and the body." Leonardo.

" For me, drawing's uniqueness has something to do with the fundamental activity of actually trying to lay a ghost or exorcise oneself. I like to have a dialogue with the drawing, to let the drawing tell me something." Ralph Steadman

"Drawing is the probity of art." J.A.D.Ingres.

"Certain Japanese formalities seem close to me, such as the beginning of a stroke outside the paper continuing through the drawing space, to project beyond, so that in the included part it possesses both the power of the origin and the projection. This produces the impression of strength and if drops fall they become attributes or relationships."David Smith, American sculptor.

"By now I had developed a drawing style that was not easily printable in newspapers, so I concentrated on magazines. This necessitated abandoning topical subject matter and finding material with a shelf-life of at least six weeks." John Glashan,UK

some lovely pencils 1938

LANGUAGE section headings from Rawson, Seeing through Drawing .

The Surface; Analogy and FormMarks; Shape and Structure; Enclosures and the Third Dimension; Chiarsocuro; Deep Space; Image; Field.

MEDIA Pen, pencil, chalk, silverpoint, wash, watercolour, pastel, stump,

The function of the brush is not in the brush, but in something of value created - the function of ink is not in the ink but in its receptivity and response. Likewise the functions in mountains and water lie not in themselves but in their respective silence and mobility." Lin Yutang, The Chinese Theory of Art. Descriptive, interpretative. Anatomical, court room artist, police artist, engineer, drawing as intention.


01 Rene Robert Bouché, a fashion illustrator, works in stages from A Complete Guide to Drawing , Simon & Schuster New York 1948.

02 from Modern Mechanix Oct. 1937, Correspondence Course in drawing

03 04 05 from G.Montague Ellwood, The Art of Pen Drawing Batsford London 1927.

06 advert from The Studio June 15 th 1920

07 Daumier confronts the audience

08 Thurber and the Seal

09 drawing from the Prinzhorn Collection

10 The Grits Mill, 1622, engraving

11 a definition (1770)

12 architectural drawinga drawing from the studio of the architect C.F.A.Voysey

13. From Gustave Dore, Two Hundred Sketches Humorous and Grotesque ,Warne, London, undated c1885, the drawing c1850.

14 from James Puckle, The Club, or a Dialogue between Father and Son, printed for the author 1813. Graffiti One of the more objectionable forms of self expression, Graffiti has had a good press and the most unfortunate effect on our environment where every person with the delusion of being artistic and who can afford a spray can, repeats the same mannered marks over the walls of the town. Only when the design changes or the image is accompanied by a meaningful text is the activity to be sanctioned. My favourite was the simple phrase outside Finchley Road on the Metropolitan Line, SMILE IF YOU'RE GAY. And wondrous were the efforts to keep a straight face in the carriage.

15 Doodling doodles by members of the American Atomic Energy Commission in March 1948.

16 Drawing with light-traces

17 Sky Writing from Modern Mechanix January 1934.

18 Stages towards a magazine illustration Illustration by Austin Briggs to a story in the Saturday Evening Post May 1953


19.from Gerard de Leiresse, The Art of Painting 1778 - 18 x 24cms, oppos.p.13

20 21 from Adolphe Armand Braun, Hieroglyphic or Greek method of Life Drawing Postal University/Batsford London 1916 first edition page size - 22 x 27cms. Many publications (particularly of the self help variety) stressed the possibility of drawing fluently by means of a schematic system.Braun's figures are excellent but the reverse of the sequence looks even more attractive.



22. drawing and four paintings reproduced from Hans Prinzhorn's Bildnerei zur Psychologie und Psychopathologie der gestaltung, publshed by Julius Springer in Berlin in 1923

drawing by Johann Knupfer "Lamm Gottes"

a decorative/symbolic drawing 24 x 34cms dated 1915

a symbolic allegory - watercolour drawing

figure drawing in watercolour 26 x 34cms

altar with priest and madonna in watercolour 20 x 28