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COLLECTORS and what they collect

• Charles Addams....crossbows
• John Arlott....aquatint illust.books
• John of Richard Church
• Jude Freeman... Peter Pan
• Dennis Healey..... 1st ed.crime novels
• Mick Jagger...Books on Witchcraft
• Bob Monkhouse...antique films
• Eduardo Paolozzi... the Krazy Kat Archive
• Maurice Sendak.....Mickey Mouse memorabilia
• Georges Seurat.. Images Epinal (comics)
• Christopher Sharrock...Collars
• J.M.Whistler...Blue and white porcelain


Alfred Barnes.... Pittsburgh STEEL
Isobel Gardner... Boston
Solomon Guggenheim..... New York OIL
Nubar Gulbenkian....... Lisbon
Mrs. Kroller...Kroller-Muller Museum, MANUF.
Paul Mellon.... Yale OIL
The Baron Thyssen...... Madrid ARMAMENTS
Pavel Tretiakov... Moscow BANKER
Rober and Lisa Sainsbury, Norwich SHOPKEEPERS
Sir Richard Wallace, the Wallace Coll.London
Gertrude Vanderbilt Whitney, New York


• buttons
• the colour of the doors on magistrates courts



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