The Taxonomic Solution

A Taxonomy is a classification, usually represented in a form of a single sheet chart..  In Robert Thornton's Temple of Flora, he devised a chart whereby the plant kingdom could divided into twenty four categories, depending on the type of stamen of the specimen.


01. the Linnaen system of classifying plants along sexual astructures. Here is a fine example - a fusion of text and diagram.

02. the introductory classificatory system in Peter Roget's Thesaurus, first edition 1852

03. a page from Hieronymus Megiser's Thesaurus polyglottus ... Frankfurt, 1603. How forbidding is the prospect of making a classification system of all the known languages of the world.



In George Turberville's book The Noble Arte of Venerie and Hunting, the author divides up the various breed of hound into three classes,

black hounds
dunne hounds
white hounds.



Francis Galton Inquiries into Human Faculty and its development, London 1883

John Parkinson, 1567 - 1650, Theatre of Plants, London 1640 a medical herbal that sought to identify 17 classes of 'tribes' of plants.

Francis Galton, composite photography for eugenics, 1883

Diagram of coinage, Hyginus 1550

BELGIAN BOTANY Lestiboudois Lille 1781

sorting letters US 1958

Carbineer Rotary Files 1943

Flexoline Filing System 1957


Georges Cuvier Le Regne animal distribue Paris 1817- an early pioneer of the taxonomic solution