Children's Books that Explain.


R., Infantile Erudition, including the Figure Dancers... Tabart London 1810

02 MUSICAL concepts
Interesting conceept- teaching with narrative pictures; from The Child's Pictorial Music Book, published by Kellog, Hartford, Conn., 1842. GRAMMAR
03. an engraved sheet published in 1802, to teach grammatical rules and conventions, measuring about 34 x 54.
04. from Percy Cruikshank, Comic Multiplication , Read, London, 1864.


Dubious Area this - not just selling your product with images designed to impart information to children but also creating an extended narrative whose major function is to explain the industrial manufacturing process. Is it entertainment ? Is it propaganda ? It's a Rolled Oat.
Grace Hallock, Travels of a Rolled Oat , illustrations by Jessie Gillespie, published by Quaker Oats' School Health Service of London. Other British manufacturers include Reckitt and Colman (a huge output of children's books on Mustard, Starch and Blue) and the big Oil Companies.