Notation of Games - Depictions of Board Games - Chess and Draughts


01 from Le Quatre Filz Aymon , Lyons, c1480

02 Honore Daumier, Parisians will never be under Police Supervision , litho., 1847, and a comment on the docility of the public the year before the Year of European Revolution, content to play draughts rather than protest.

03 Jacobus de Cessolis, , Libro di Giuco di Scacchi, English edition, Westminster, 1493/4 Jacobus de Cessolis,

04 Jacobus de Cessolis, Libro di Giuco di Scacchi, Florence, 1493/4 Jacobus de Cessolis,



01 Joan Hassall Emblem for Chess, Sealskin Trousers 1947

02. from Jordanus, Nemorarius, In hoc opere contenta... Paris, Higman and Hopyl, 1496

03 Damiano de Odemeira, Questo libro e da imperare giocare a scachi et de la partite ,Guillery and Nani, Rome 1512. The first Italian book about chess, informing on the individual pieces and on certain moves. The author discusses blindfold chess and gives detailed critiques on three individual games.

SAUL AND BARBIER, The Famous Game of Chess, 1614

The Game of Chess as it was acted at the Globe c1610