1900 -1961

Der entwurzelte Baum Büchergilde Gutenberg Berlin 1926
Die Neue Stadt Büchergilde Gutenberg Berlin, 1927
Die Rueckkehr des Prometheus, Berlin 1927 (seven examples)
Im Satansbruche, Büchergilde Gutenberg Leipzig, 1925



From 1915-1918 Schatz studied at the "Wiener Kunstegewerbeschule" under Otto Strand and Anton Ritter von Kenner. He collaborated with Josef Luitpold Stern in the Gutenburg Book Guild designed to bring cheaper books to readers, with themes favoured by the Social Democrats of the day. Schatz was a prolific print maker and particularly associated with the woodcut.

The Uprooted Tree was their first production. In 1933 they fled with their families to the USA. Schatz returned to Germany where he and his wife were imprisoned in a concentration camp. Stern was to stay in the States and is associated with the Pendle Hill study center at Wallingford, Pennsylvania.

Wilfried Daim, Otto Rudolf Schatz, graphics, Eisenstadt: Roetzer Edition 1978; Wilfried Daim, Otto Rudolf Schatz, War Letters, Eisenstadt

Scans made available from his collection by Michael T.Ricke.