Frederick Cayley Robinson was a member of that generation that studied at the Royal Academy Schools and then went on to complete art education in Paris at the Academie Julien, He was born in 1862 and died in 1927. He is particularly associated with the Birmingham School of Tempera painters. If possible he shows himself to be even more bloodless than Southall and Gaskin.

A great fuss was made about his mural paintings Six Acts of Mercy acquired eventually by the Wellcome Trust and shown at the National Gallery in London in 2010. His decorative tendancies and flattening of pictorial space tended to the anodyne, and it is a sure sign of our poverty of thought about British Art when his competence is explained away in a welter of influences, Puvis, Fra Angelico,Burne-Jones and other Masters of the Demure. This line of inquiry is too easy. He certainly deserves a certain amount of study as a book illustrator.