Francis Meynell described Lowinsky (1892-1947) thus, "As a book illustrator--but I think decorator is the better word for him--Lowinsky had what one might call a proud subordination. He was completely convinced that "the book's the thing' and he rejoiced in the discipline of making his line suit exactly the 'colour' of the type with which it was to be associated, and of making his shapes suit the page. His pride, on the other hand, was shown in his insistence always that part at least of any edition must be printed on a particular hand-made paper, no other; and he could not be kept away from the machine-room when his pages were being proofed for impression and inking. Because of this integration with the text his book designs should be studied and will be admired in the books for which they were made."

This does a disservice to Lowinsky's combination of good, characteristic drawing with imaginative, even puckish compositions - the Laver illustrations show his unusual interpretations of the cinema screen, and the out-of-frame kicking leg.

Recommended is Colin Myers The Book Illustrations of Thomas Lowinsky, Incline Press, Oldham 2001


and Monica Bohn Duchen's catalogue for the Tate Gallery in 1990.


see the astonishing The Tower of babel 1921



MRS JAMES MCKIE 1935 (Chantrey Bequest)




Lowinsky by Eric Gill