SYDNEY R. JONES, master draftsman (1881-1966) born in Birmingham and studied at the Birmingham School of Art. He worked in an architect's office until the Great War when he served in Ireland. He designed Posters for London Transport in 1920 and then started his national tours with his wife Frances and a box of artists' materials. One suspects he was also carrying a camera. .

Other Books -

London Triumphant

Thames Triumphant.

The South of England, an artist's Journey

The East of England, an artist's Journey

The West of England, an artist's Journey

The Charm of the English Village.

Old Houses in Holland.

How to Draw Houses.

I love him for his cross-hatching - his spaces between railings - his absence of the milling throng - his foliage - his knowing when to use a frame - his confidence in the vignette proposition - his cultural delicacy. When I was five I was taken to Handforth Hall. I remember the chip shop more vividly though. I was allowed to go to Cubs once a week but sneaked in a visit to the chip shop which was forbidden territory.