Clarke Hutton (1898 - 1984)


One of the great English book illustrators and teachers, born in London, and worked early in stage design before deciding to become an artist. In 1927 joined A.S.Hartrick's lithographic class at the Central School in London, a class he took over when Hartrick retired. His major achievement has been the strength of drawing and colour in images that convey dramatic events to younger readers.

Here is a small selection of his prodigious output ,


01 from the Picture History series. A Picture History of Britain OUP 1945 21 x 27.5 cms.

02 drawing of the points of a compass, from A Picture History of Great Discoveries, 1954; 8cms square.

03 A Picture History of Russia, unrest during the First World War before the Revolution. 1964

04 from the above (01), Mary Queen of Scots in prison 11 x 18cms

05 A Picture History of Russia, 9 x 19cms, an arrangement of Russian industrial objects of the nineteenth century.