Werner Gothein




Der See (The Sea), 1951,
Hiob (Job), 1953,
Abraham, 1956,
Die Seiltänzerin und ihr Clown (The Tightrope Walker and her Clown), 1949,
Die 12 Tierkreiszeichen (The Twelve Signs of the Zodiac), 1948,
Fabeln des Aesop (Aesop's Fables), 1954




Werner Gothein (1890-1968). His career seems to have been determined by a visit to a show of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner in Berlin in 1912.Shortly after he became a student at Kirchner and Pechstein's art school MUIM, and worked with Kirchner on the Island of Fermam. His weak health spared him military service during the War.

After the War he developed a more pronounced personal style less dependant on Kirchner. From 1924 to 1937 he worked at the Karlsruher Majolika Manufactur started by Hans Thoma and Wilhelm Süs in 1901. Thereafter he seemed to have withdrawn to a secluded village in the Black Forest with his wife Joan Young Aberle and devoted himself to print making under the influence of Frans Masereel, not exactly a sensible inspiration in Hitler's Germany.

After 1945 he worked more intensively on sequences of prints and their incarnation in book form. He died in Bodensee in 1968.

Many thanks to Michael T. Ricker for images and information.