The book's basic proposition is familiar.

Observe the two propositions, verses to the left, pictures to the right.

Shuffle the lower pages so one spread matches with the other.

A previous reader has ripped out the picture of the butterfly from my copy, rendering the logic of the choices fractured. The absurd possibilities are almost endless. (This is hinted at in the jolly pranks illustrated on the endpapers)

The Surrealists did this around the Cafe Table, as The Exquisite Corpse.

Glass's photographs are appropriately deadpan yet the compositions still possess something of the artfulness of his usual professional photographic images of indistry.

A Note for Children - As you will have already spotted, none of the conjunctions I have selected above is correct. One of the solutions hasd been repeated. Can you find it?

Adprint specialised in illustrated books for children that used photography.