Giusti came to America in 1938 after a successful career in advertising in Milan and Zurich. He found early success in posters and design work for the Golden Gate Fair. Allied to terrific visual flair is an intelligent understanding of mechanical structures.

Much of his work was done for Spark Plug manufacturers, and at times his ingenuity was stretched. His major achievement was the design of Magazine Covers.

"Giusti works almost exclusively in tempera. He uses the airbrush but with considerable reserve. He is careful not to lose the distinction of his own incisive brushline. Usually he carries his designs as far as possible with the sable brush, then applies the airbrush where needed for soft gradations and very smooth tones. He uses colored inks in his airbrush, spraying them over the tempera."See E.W.Watson, FORTY Illustrators and How They Work , Watson Guptill 1946, for a well illustrated survey of Giusti's work.

United Airlines, detail of an advert January 1952

01, 03, 05 images for The Davison Chemical Corporation of Baltimore, Maryland. "Progress through Chemicals". July 1944, detail of advert 19 x 25cms; and showing at this point Giusti's admiration for the Jean Carlu/Cassandre graphic modernism. a neat company structure from June 1944 19 x 25cms; Davison Chemical FORTUNE , December 1951



advertisement for Ethyl Corporation, July 1944

advertisement for Davison, August 1950

advertisements for UNITED AIRLINES