01, 02, 03 Gavarni in London from L'Illustration Jan - July 1851 At the time of the Great Exhibition in London, L'Illustration sent Gavarni to draw the sights of the nation's capital. The following drawings are credited to Gavarni. Reportage in L'ILLUSTRATION VOL XVII -
Free sights in London - two of eight drawings printed across two pages in the 8th May issue. 16 x 24 cms.
03 10th July 1851, a scene from an extended sequence on Ratting in London. Spectators watch the dog killing rats. 13 x 23ccms
22nd May 1851, The Orange seller 11 x 16cms. Is this Gavarni ?
04, 05, 06. 07, 08 Manuscript Album a collection of pen and ink sketches by Count A. de Bylandt and Lt.Col.E Addison. Tilepage beneath, This is a facsimile


SKETCHES OF SCOTTISH CHARACTER, Illustrated London News September 23, 1949.