A. La Galerie de Paris (shopping); La Charite de Paris, the infirmary in the Hospital; A Burial ; A Bleeding of a Female Patient

B The Clyster (administering an enema) A School Master; A Schoolmistress; A Carrier;The Rodent Exterminator (Rat Man) dressed in Spanish style

C The Painter; The Sculptor; The Engravers; Printing engravings



Bosse, a prolific engraver and much favoured by costume historians of today was born in 1602 and died aged 74 - interesting that a master of Perspective who can deploy figures on his complex stages, documenting in such a clear yet psychologically tense way the life of France in the sebventeenth century. Keep an eye on his backgrounds for small moments of disturbance. I admire the severed head on the stool in the sculptor's studio.